Program Description

NSF GK-12 Fellows gain experience and develop skills that will enable them as scientists to advance educational excellence in both K-12 and university arenas. The program teams undergraduate andgraduate students with middle school science and mathematics teachers and students for an ongoing exchange of knowledge in science and mathematics and effective teaching.

Summer 2002

Developing Knowledge of Educational Issues and Current Reform
(May - July, 2002)

During the summer session, fellows participate in activities designed to acquaint them with classrooms and schools. The four major components include:

  • Seminar discussions on current issues in science and mathematics education,
  • Classroom observations and analysis,
  • Panel discussions with Rice scientists distinguished in both university teaching and K-12 interactions, and
  • Participation in a Teacher Enhancement Network program matched to their academic interests.

May 2002

Please note that the May 2002 seminar is scheduled for May 13-24 and will meet Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Teacher Enhancement Network Program to which fellows are assigned will last two to four weeks (depending on the program) and generally meets Monday - Friday all day. Programs are available that meet either in June or July.

One-hour weekly seminars are scheduled throughout the fellowship.

Responsiblities in Middle School Classrooms
(August 2002 - May, 2003)

Developing Skills in Instruction and Curriculum Design
Taking on the Role of Educator

During the 2002-2003 academic year, pairs of Fellows (an undergraduate and graduate student) develop a relationship with a pair of middle school teachers—one science and one mathematics—with whom they work over the course of the acadmic year to accomplish the following:
  • Together the four-member team develops a Campus Implemantation Plan, which focuses the team's efforts during the entire academic year, in the areas of curriculm development, integrating technology into classroom instruction, and/or learning processes.
  • Fellows serve as role models for students, lead field trips to university campuses, and make career awareness presentations.
  • Through interactions with the teachers, Fellows develop their skills and knowledge related to instruction and continue to meet with university faculty and staff in a weekly seminar setting.
  • By the spring, Fellows take on more instructional responsibilities in the middle school classrom as well as plan and lead a Science and Mathematics Symposium, a one-day Saturday professional development opportunity open to Houston area middle school teachers.

Summer 2003

Taking on the Role of Teacher Educator
(June - August, 2003)

By this time, Graduate Fellows will have gained experience in developing instructional activities and also as classroom instructors. During the final summer session, Fellows move into the roles of facilitators and instructors as they work with the staff in one of the Teacher Enhancement Network programs at one of the collaboration universities.

The fellowship ends in May 2003 for the Undergraduate Fellows, although outstanding fellows may be offered a continuing internship in one of the Teacher Enhancement Network programs or another university-sponsored outreach program.

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