NSF GK-12 Fellowships Graduate Level

U. S. citizens who are outstanding science, engineering, or mathematics graduate students and who will have completed at least one year at Rice University or the University of Houston by August, 2002. Doctoral students strongly preferred

Four part, 15-month program:May 13, 2002 - August 15, 2003

Financial Benefit
Graduate students selected as NSF GK-12 Fellows will receive a total stipend of $22,500 over the 15 months of the program, $1,500 per month. Graduate tuition and fees are provided (excluding health insurance) to your home institution from the National Science Foundation during the four-semester period of the fellowship.

Student Commitment
Fellows must participate in the entire 15-month program (average 15 hours/week). Fellows are enrolled in a graduate level "Special Projects" course at Rice University duing the first three semesters of the fellowship.

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