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Through a grant funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and in collaboration with the Houston Independent School District (HISD), Rice University (Rice), and University of Houston (UH), Rice University science and engineering graduate students and University of Houston undergraduates spend the school year in HISD middle schools. For more information on the GK-12 Fellows Program, check out the website gk12.rice.edu.

Schools and Fellows


Jane E. Long Middle School
Emily Horton
Leonard Suess
Secil Edozie
Paul Roch
Marshall Middle School
Amy Lampazzi
Joy Garza
Pershing Middle School
Katherine Keilty
Jim Lancaster
Curll Dowden
Miriam Morales
The Rice School
Jimmy Jones
Kymberly Riggins
Wally Olugbenle
Gwen Vastine


Burbank Middle School
Virginia Davis
Aungel Latchley
Jared Lewis
Susan Stewart
Hogg Middle School
Eric Compton
Christopher Miller
Connie Smith
Tameka Walter
Patrick Henry Middle School
Brent Buckalew
LaTonya Evans
Paul Revere Middle School
Deanna Chipman
Jessica French
Adrian Shieh
Carissa Taylor


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